GCM was founded in 2009 by experienced people who have worked in the retail sector. GCM leaders know the challenges and variables that you have to deal with every day as they worked in this sector as planners, negotiators, decision maker, in other words; managers in the retail sector. First and foremost, it is the passion that emerges from the team and makes sure they know to surround themselves with people who are equally passionate as them.

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    GCM is most remarkable for its ability to make the projects assigned as desired and with an extraordinary customer service. With a business philosophy based on respect and professionalism, GCM creates a business complicity involving the expected short and long term results. Our customers count on our full cooperation and discretion. More than a customer, GCM develops a business partnership. The vision of the company is to carry out the work entrusted to us, depending on your business goals, your expectations and your needs.

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    Reach the target clientele at the lowest cost! GCM can assist you in this process. GCM has the expertise to help you choose the best medium in order to reach the widest range of your targeted clientele.


    Working in the retail sector is just as exciting as it is demanding. Multiple factors determine the rules of the market; corporate marketing strategies must be continuously adapted to new market conditions. One of GCM's objectives is to help you achieve your goals!

    You have to make specific marketing strategies for your point of sale, GCM is designed to work with you to achieve your goals.






    Over the years, the projects that we have been entrusted, were equally enriching each other. Many customers, now business partners repeat the experience.


    Your business needs a marketing boost or any other marketing strategies, contact us!

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    Groupe Courtage Marketing Bomavi Inc.
    2632 Boul. Jacques-Cartier Est
    Longueuil, Québec, J4N 1P8




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    Groupe Courtage Marketing Bomavi Inc. (GCM) is a company working in the areas of media strategy and marketing.

    Based on the complicity business GCM is able to support you in creating and implementing your strategies related to the distribution of your brand - Media Strategies.

    GCM is an accomplice in the implementation of your marketing plan when it requires on-site intervention - Marketing.

    We have the expertise ... estimated.


    The retail industry is constantly changing. Keep pace while differentiating from the competition requires hard work.

    GCM is aware of the steps involved in the delivery of your projects and your marketing plans. Therefore, we will make every effort to ensure that your goals and that your business requirements are met. GCM is able to work to the achievement of your marketing strategies.

    GCM is a business ally!


    For a good marketing strategy adapted to market conditions and to implement it on the field, your choice of partner is essential.

    GCM in its corporate philosophy emphasizes on a business relationship based on trust and respect to arrive at successful and durable business complicity.

    On this basis, GCM has created a dynamic and understanding team. By their professionalism, our people are dedicated to enrich the value of your trademarks.

    With the expertise of their staff, GCM can adapt to the many faces of businesses. GCM will be your eyes, your ears and your arms in the field!


    Understanding through listening!

    GCM takes the time to understand and properly analyze what you want in order for us to do the best for your business.

    In order to understand what you want us to do for your business; GCM will put expertise, rigor and time.

    GCM's supervisors form and support all our staff according to each mandate. The professionalism of our people also involves listening; clear mandates, specific instructions and careful monitoring makes the goals deployments reach a higher level.


    Once your marketing strategy is drawn up, GCM will implement it, with all the professionalism you are looking for.

    Our field team will, depending on your objectives, execute marketing projects as agreed during our planning meetings:

    •    Implementation of new planograms
    •    Seasonal realignment
    •    Integration of new products
    •    Installation of promotional materials
    •    Installation or specific assembly
    •    Displays or markets to be installed / modified

    Your marketing strategies will be applied according to your requirements and within the time we had planned together. GCM is aware of the time you have invested in the development of this program to market and ensure that it is highlighted on the targeted sites.


    Any company would prefer not to have returns. However, they are clearly part of reality. No company, supplier or distributor's are interested in letting them expire or get damaged.

    On the other hand, in the event that your product range is given a "new look", it will be essential that the products that have the old packaging are arranged the way you have agreed:

    •    Rotation and liquidation
    •    Check expiration dates
    •    Taking back expired or damaged goods

    In summary, we get rid of your expired and / or broken products according to your criteria and conditions. GCM makes sure that the "reputation" of your brand, is in no way impaired.

    GCM can recuperate your products at your suppliers, distributors and / or directly to the retail outlets.


    All stages of your marketing strategies have been completed?
    You now need to maintain your network ... Assess and support your programs.

    You want to make sure everything is in line with what you bargained for and / or set up or simply make adjustments. GCM can offer some services that could help you monitor and develop your business:

    •    Customer service evaluation
    •    Positioning products
    •    Tracking inventory and stock
    •    Planogram compliance
    •    Advertising material in place
    •    Display and / or mounting in place

    For the monitoring of our projects, GCM can provide a personalized and accurate computer support.


    In many retail sectors, GCM is able to provide support to your sales force.

    At certain periods of the year when traffic increases, new contracts are obtained, an advertising campaign is planned, the demand for personnel dedicated to the sale increases.

    It is imperative to respond to this request to ensure that all potential sales are realized. The GCM team is able to support your sales force whether it's temporary or more or less long term.

    •    Launching new products
    •    Punctual promotions
    •    Blitz
    •    Liquidating products
    •    Showroom
    •    Sick leave
    •    Maternity or paternity leave

    Monitoring of operations is offered by web access. Visits we make to our customers in various outlets are updated on a daily basis. The various reports that we can send you are previously defined with your managers.

    Visit reports and computerized follow ups can be offered according to your expectations. We are aware of the importance of monitoring the progress of each of your projects. GCM can adapt your marketing strategies at any time.


    From now on, you will be supported to consider, plan, create and execute your strategic plans of launching and marketing. GCM will support you in your efforts to make your goals become a reality.

    Looking for options?

    •    Reach the maximum number of targeted people
    •    Reach as much as possible a relatively small target

    GCM has the ability to offer you a service of representation and negotiation with various stakeholders in the retail industry. The search for an agreement or a position centered on common interests is offered.


    In collaboration with your managers, the GCM team can provide your staff and / or at different outlets specific and structured training. Whether for the operation of a new device, the use of a new product, the installation of a display, our team of trainers will ensure staff understands.

    We are also able to perform the installation of your racks, your planograms and your various devices.


    The GCM team is present in most exposures to retail outlets in Quebec. We will be happy to make the assembly, the representation and even act as a complement to your sales force during these events.

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